Spanish slate

Franvisa Spanish slate

Franvisa Spanish Slate
Franvisa Spanish Slate

Franvisa Spanish slate is extracted from the El Picon quarry in La Bana in the North West of Spain.  A rough textured, black slate, Franvisa Spanish slate is an extremely high quality slate with a very particular linear grain. If you’re looking for the classic ‘slate look’ then Franvisa Spanish slate is perfectly suited to this purpose.


We stock Franvisa Spanish Roof Slates in 60 x 30cm size.

Cupa Spanish slate

Cupa Spanish Slate
Cupa Spanish Slate

CUPA PIZARRAS are the largest slate producer in the world, supplying more than 140,000 tons annually. 100% natural, extracted from Grade A deposits

ONE in FOUR slates used in roofing around the world is manufactured by CUPA Pizarras.


The colour of slate depends on its mineral structure and the size of the mineral grains that define its composition.

The value of slate lies in its properties, among the most important of which are: impermeability, durability, and versatility.


We stock Cupa 10, Cupa 8, Cupa 5, Cupa 12 and Cupa Campo slate in sizes 60 x 30cm, 50 x 25cm, 46 x 22cm


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Samaca Roof Tiles

Samaca Spanish Slate

Among the most notable qualities of Samaca slate is it's impermeability and resistance to frost and low temperatures.


Samaca slate can easily withstand the inclemency of the weather and is equally impervious to the passage of time.


Samaca select and check the quality of each roof tile to achieve the finest aesthetic and functional results, no matter the architectural style.

We stock the Quarry 49 slate in 50 x 25 and 60 x 30 sizes.


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